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Work and Travel During Pregnancy

Generally, women who are pregnant may continue to work during their pregnancy. Some women are able to work right up until they are ready to deliver, while others may need to cut back on their work ...



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Pregnancy and Flying

Pregnancy Q Can I continue flying (domestic as well as international flights) while I am pregnant? A When a pregnant passenger is flying on a commercial airline she should not be concerned about the ...



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Travel When You Are Pregnant

Is it safe to travel during pregnancy? Usually it is safe to travel during the first 8 months of pregnancy. The main concerns with travel during pregnancy are access to medical care, discomfort, ...



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Travel During Pregnancy

Continuing to drive your car while pregnant, is essential for most women. If you are continuing to work through your pregnancy, you may be required to travel interstate as part of your job, and many ...



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Airline policies for pregnant travelers

You can fly on commercial airlines without restriction during your first and second trimesters, but during your third trimester you may run into some restrictions. Airlines rely on an "honor policy" ...



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Air travel during pregnancy: Is it safe?

Is air travel safe during pregnancy? I've heard that it's not recommended in the first or last trimester.



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Pregnancy and Flying – Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Pregnant women need not be restricted from flying. Most airlines permit pregnant women to fly until the end of the 35th week of pregnancy, whereupon expectant mothers are strictly advised not to fly.



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Planning for a Healthy Pregnancy and Traveling While Pregnant

Factors Affecting the Decision to Travel Before and During Pregnancy Reproductive-aged women who may be planning both pregnancy and international travel should consider preconceptional immunization, ...



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Plane travel with pregnancy?

Im 3 months pregnant. My best friend lives 5 hours away and i need her now more than ever. she needs 3 months notice to get time off work when i visit her. When CANT i travel on a plane? it would be ...



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Will the radiation I'm exposed to on an airplane flight harm my

unborn baby? "Radiation" is a terrifying word to expectant mothers, so you'll be glad to hear that plane travel is generally safe in this regard. Whether we're on land or in the air, we're exposed ...



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