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Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

What your baby looks like -- 27 weeks - BabyCenter



Upside: Nice graphics and some additional information
Downside: Limited detail on fetal development

Site primarily dedicated to providing information about a company's products or services

Future Babies - 3D Ultrasound Scans and 4D Ultrasound Scans for

Pregnant Women in Reading, Berkshire. 3D and 4D ultrasound scans for pregnant women.



Upside: Superb 3D pictures of baby development by week and post-birth
Downside: Lots of scrolling

Site which primarily focuses on buying or shopping for goods or services

Amazon.com: Hi Bebe BT-200 Fetal Doppler/Heart Rate Monitor, 2-

8.5oz Bottles of ULTRASOUND GEL: Baby Finally! An Affordable Baby Fetal Heartbeat Monitor for home use! This handy portable fetal doppler detects the fetal heart rate quickly from about 10-12 weeks ...



Upside: Site selling doppler baby heart monitor with mostly positive customer reviews
Downside: None

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Average fetal length and weight chart

From early on in pregnancy, babies grow at different rates, so these numbers are merely averages. Your baby's actual length and weight may vary substantially. Don't worry too much if an ultrasound ...



Upside: Detailed chart of fetal length and weights
Downside: Click on 'See all on one page' to reduce clicking

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Amniotic fluid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amniotic fluid is the nourishing and protecting liquid contained by the amnion of a pregnant woman. The amnion grows and begins to fill, mainly with water, around two weeks after fertilisation. After ...



Upside: Very good user-compiled detail with medical explanation of amniotic fluid and complications
Downside: None

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Fetal Development

Your baby goes through a lot of changes over the course of her nine months inside your uterus. Here is a brief look at just some of the fetal development changes that occur over those many months. ...



Upside: Color photos and description by week
Downside: Cluttered layout

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Pressure and discharge in early third trimester

I am 27 weeks into my second pregnancy and for the past week have been having what I consider odd symptoms. First and foremost, I feel as though this baby is very low. All foetal movement is felt ...



Upside: Q&A on carrying the baby low, pressure and discharge during pregnancy
Downside: Limited depth; busy page

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

How Big is Baby?

Week 4*: Poppyseed Week 5: Appleseed Week 6: Sweet Pea



Upside: Cute pictures and information on baby development by week with user postings
Downside: No actual pictures of the fetus

Site operated by a professional organization such as medical, engineering, architecture, accounting, legal

Fundal height: An accurate indicator of fetal growth?

I'm 27 weeks pregnant. My doctor says I'm measuring at 29 weeks. What does this mean? How accurate is fundal height?



Upside: Good overview on why fundal height is measured and how it is done
Downside: Limited depth of answer and number related links

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Fetal development: What happens during the second trimester?

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby will begin to seem more real. You may hear the heartbeat at your prenatal appointments, and your growing abdomen may force your favorite jeans to the back of ...



Upside: Good overview of baby development during the second trimester
Downside: No pictures; lots of scrolling clicking to see all the information