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Fetal development: What happens during the second trimester? -

MayoClinic.com Fetal development progresses rapidly in the second trimester. Check out the weekly changes.



Upside: Superb summary of fetal development by week
Downside: Links to 1st and 3rd trimester at bottom of page

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How Big is Baby?

Week 4*: Poppyseed Week 5: Appleseed Week 6: Sweet Pea



Upside: Cute pictures and information on baby development by week with user postings
Downside: No actual pictures of the fetus

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Fetal Development

There simply is not another word worthy to describe the development of your baby! Just think, within approximately a 40 week period, your little one will have transformed from a single cell to a ...



Upside: Week by week description and pictures of fetal development
Downside: Several weeks on a single page - lots of scrolling

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Fetal Heart Beat

Although the fetal heart begins beating as early as the 5th week after the LMP, your ability to detect it will be limited by your equipment.



Upside: Information on fetal heartbeats including normal rates
Downside: Scroll down for the article

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What your baby looks like -- 15 weeks - BabyCenter



Upside: Nice graphics and some additional information
Downside: Limited detail on fetal development

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Feeling/measuring your belly, listening to baby

Measuring your fundal height Listening to your baby Writing on your pregnancy records Having your pregnant belly felt by your caregiver is a routine procedure that will be part of every antenatal ...



Upside: Very good detailed article with helpful information on measuring fundal height and listening to your baby's heart beat
Downside: None

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Hearing the Fetal Heartbeat

If you're like most parents-to-be, hearing the fetal heartbeat for the first time is an exciting moment. Even if you've already seen the embryo on an ultrasound, there's something about that steady ...



Upside: Good detailed information on the fetal heart beat and how to listen during pregnancy
Downside: Text heavy page

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When can I hear my baby's heartbeat?

The fetal heartbeat can be seen with ultrasound as early at the fifth week of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, it becomes possible to listen to the fetal heartbeat with a Doppler device placed ...



Upside: Short answer to when you can hear your baby's heartbeat
Downside: Limited depth and advice

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Your Baby's Heart Beart

Your care giver will listen to the baby's heart beat every time you go into the office for a visit after you are at Dopplerleast 11 - 12 weeks pregnant and record it in your pre-natal record. The ...



Upside: Helpful information on understanding how to track your baby's heart rate
Downside: Basic site design

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fetal pole but no heartbeat

Yesterday I had my second ultrasound. She saw a clearly formed sac, yolk sac and a fetal pole measuring around 3.4 mm. However, she could not detect a fetal heartbeat. She has told me that the ...



Upside: Q&A on seeing a fetal pole, but no heart beat during pregnancy
Downside: Limited depth of information