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What your baby looks like -- 15 weeks - BabyCenter



Upside: Nice graphics and some additional information
Downside: Limited detail on fetal development

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

Average fetal length and weight chart

From early on in pregnancy, babies grow at different rates, so these numbers are merely averages. Your baby's actual length and weight may vary substantially. Don't worry too much if an ultrasound ...



Upside: Detailed chart of fetal length and weights
Downside: Click on 'See all on one page' to reduce clicking

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Fetal development: What happens during the second trimester? -

MayoClinic.com Fetal development progresses rapidly in the second trimester. Check out the weekly changes.



Upside: Superb summary of fetal development by week
Downside: Links to 1st and 3rd trimester at bottom of page

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How Big is Baby?

Week 4*: Poppyseed Week 5: Appleseed Week 6: Sweet Pea



Upside: Cute pictures and information on baby development by week with user postings
Downside: No actual pictures of the fetus

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Fetal Development

There simply is not another word worthy to describe the development of your baby! Just think, within approximately a 40 week period, your little one will have transformed from a single cell to a ...



Upside: Week by week description and pictures of fetal development
Downside: Several weeks on a single page - lots of scrolling

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Your Pregnancy Week by Week

It feels like a mystery what's happening inside you. Follow your baby's development each week in this special section



Upside: Start page to track baby development by week
Downside: Busy page

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How early in pregnancy can quickening start?

Hey i am 3 months and 3 weeks preg. i will be 4 months on THURSDAY. I feel these flutters every once and a whil and sometimes it feel like a feet tapping on my right of stomach. i know its not gas.



Upside: Answers to user generated question on quickening
Downside: Range of various answers

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Baby Development Weeks 1 to 40

Article charting fetal development during the stages of pregnancy.



Upside: Informational article on fetal development by week
Downside: Many ads, small font; no pictures

Web site that primarily focuses on publishing online content

What Does Your Baby Moving Feel Like? - Pregnancy Articles

Women who are pregnant for the first time generally feel their baby move sometime during their 18th week. If you have been pregnant before you might be able to feel the baby moving earlier, simply ...



Upside: Short article on understanding what the baby kicking feels like; many links
Downside: Several ads

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Future Babies - 3D Ultrasound Scans and 4D Ultrasound Scans for

Pregnant Women in Reading, Berkshire. 3D and 4D ultrasound scans for pregnant women.



Upside: Superb 3D pictures of baby development by week and post-birth
Downside: Lots of scrolling